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“Anyone,” said Wilson Air Center president Bob Wilson, “can be a true entrepreneur.” 

It’s this vision that inspires creators, doers and innovators in the Bluff City year after year – and that guided our convivial, spirited approach to bringing the Society of Entrepreneurs’ Annual Gala to life. 

For 31 years, the Society has been a beacon of Memphis’ enterprising spirit, hosting everything from insight groups to a celebrated podcast, Entrepreneurial Insights. 



Behind the Scenes, in partnership with V2 Media, arranged end-to-end event details, from initial planning to strategy and networking, and even traffic flow on the evening of the Gala.


Within the Holiday Inn conference space, guests enjoyed food and live music as we combined elegant furnishings, dynamic table linens, with gentle blue lighting to create an open and fun atmosphere.



More than 350 guests gathered this year at the Holiday Inn, University of Memphis – fittingly, located near the University’s hospitality management school – to remember and connect over another year of transformation. The induction of nine new members added to the festivities at the 2022 Gala, with the ceremonies in 2020 and 2021 both having been virtual.

“Our friends at Behind the Scenes never disappoint with our events, and our fabulous Annual Gala was no exception,” said Pearson Crutcher, executive director of the Society of Entrepreneurs. “Every detail imaginable was attended to, and BTS’ approach is always very innovative when it comes to conceiving our ideas. They’re the very kind of business that we celebrate at this event and throughout the year.”

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