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Conrad Hilton himself once said that “successful people keep moving.” And for a quarter of a century, Homewood Suites in Memphis had done just that. This called for a milestone celebration, which our team helped bring to life.

Homewood Suites is about elevating the guest experience – and all the pieces that make this experience come together. From free breakfasts to evening socials, this brand strives to make a positive impact on every person in every stay. For the Memphis location, this wouldn’t be complete without adding the soulful touch our city is famous for.

For Behind the Scenes, this carefully cultivated reputation for high-quality and personal service was our muse as we designed an event to honor 25 years of Homewood, in partnership with Nolan Production Group.




Our team bathed the conference room in a soft blue, and added light palm trees for an extra “holiday” feel. The centerpiece at the front of the room was a stained glass display of Lewis the Duck, with beautiful colors and multiple pieces representing how every element of the guest experience contributes to the whole. 


We created a timeline display for guests to see, touch and fully experience the 25 years of Homewood – a collage of ads, photos and other wonderful memories. 


Attendees also enjoyed breakfast, speakers, a trade show and more, before wrapping up the week with a ballroom party. 



Hotel leadership described the anniversary celebration as having the ambience of an intimate birthday party, one that was not only meaningful for longtime friends, but also for veteran members of staff who had been with Homewood from the beginning and watched it grow through each guest year after year. 


“The amount of feedback we received about the atmosphere and attention to detail was incredible,” said Homewood Suites’ manager. “From the colors to the exact pictures chosen for the collage, Behind the Scenes created something that was special and even personal to nearly everyone. We wanted to put on something that people would talk about long afterward – and this exceeded our wishes.”

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