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When a global electronics producer hit up a landmark Memphis event, our team was there to assist with every detail in connecting them with customers - from the bottom of the dance floor to the top of the tent. 

The Memphis in May World Championship Barbeque Cooking Contest (BBQ Fest) is both a tradition and a cultural establishment in the Bluff City. Mitsubishi Electric strove to make a splash, connecting with audiences while showing the great work they are doing in this city and beyond. 


Our challenge was to create a welcoming, multigenerational space for BBQ Fest attendees, while also reflecting the efficient and innovative character of the Mitsubishi Electric brand in its design.



Behind the Scenes’ design focus was to conceive an elegant, but everyday/usable space, much like Mitsubishi products. 


A durable and practical floor, topped metal and wood tables and chairs, simple light fixtures and brand red couches resulted in a down-to-earth tent, one that matched the BBQ Fest atmosphere outside. A sleek bar added to a homey, living room-like atmosphere for guests.


In addition, our employees served as an extension of Mitsubishi’s staff, so they could focus on networking and barbecuing while we attended to the cleaning, maintenance and other fine details. For us, it was a tasty task – and for the client, it produced even tastier results.



We enjoyed showing Memphis the great work Mitsubishi is doing, and so did BBQ Fest attendees throughout the day. The Mitsubishi tent received more than 1,000 visitors – and plenty of interest in the company’s electric solutions! 

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