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Chairman's Circle Leadership Study Mission 2022




The Greater Memphis Chamber is committed to maximizing the Mid-South’s economic and business competitiveness and opportunities.
This year, that means three words: Workforce, workforce, workforce

Behind the Scenes helped the Chamber’s Chairman’s Circle organize a study mission – in essence an executive field trip – to sunny Orlando, Florida, where thirty of their top-tier investors assessed and surveyed Valencia College’s accelerated skills training programs. 

While 2021 was actually Memphis’ best year yet for job development, the ever-curious Chamber has put continued workforce reform as a top priority for this year, and is currently in the process of organizing industry councils to help guide local training.

A mission with such a momentous impact made our job clear: help get the investors to Orlando and around, and organize a trip with no comfort or detail spared to ensure their focus could be devoted to taking home key lessons to help our city grow.



Behind the Scenes covered hotel booking, on-the-ground transportation, meal menus and catering, as well as the subtler points of hospitality once the attendees were settled in.

Our team also curated Chamber members’ audiovisual needs, and set up a dedicated website hub for their meeting.













What the client described as a gathering for their “braintrust” was an unreserved success, leaving attendees feeling confident about the ideas and knowledge exchanged – and even refreshed and uplifted by the seamless travels and beautiful settings.

“Following such a successful year last year, we left Orlando totally prepared to lead the region to deliver on life-changing jobs,” said a senior Chamber member. “No detail was spared on this trip – and the work done to make everything go so smoothly is what meant our focus was exactly where it needed to be.”

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