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A think tank for hospitality service trends and market needs hit the Queen City for an evening of great food, sweeping city views, and new ideas about the current global landscape for their sector.


While attendees networked and talked hotel product and service evolution, Behind the Scenes was there to take care of the rest.



Hosting a hospitality gathering meant that top-tier design and attention to detail were both must-haves. Drawing on past experience, our team went above and beyond to deliver.

Behind the Scenes provided full service support for this in-person gathering, ranging from event pre-planning to engage audiences, on-site logistics, printing for name and dining table tags and event materials, shipping and receiving goodies - and the all-important post-event gifts. 

Style and comfortable elegance met precision in the restaurant space our team rented out for the clients, with stunning evening views of downtown Charlotte providing a stimulating setting to collaborate and discuss their brands.



At a time when in-person gatherings have become more limited, attendees were thrilled to have an elegant and flexible space to link and discuss hospitality brand standards - and their surroundings provided a fitting inspiration.

"It was truly amazing to get together after the disruption of the past year," said one attendee. "The way this conference was organized provided a strong backdrop for us to connect each other face-to-face, and it's clear that no detail was spared."

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