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Featured Content: 9 Tips for Managing Event Client Expectations Right Now

Our founder and CEO, Dusky Norsworthy, was featured in a recent BizBash piece on keeping clients happy during labor shortages, supply-chain issues, and other pandemic-related challenges.

“Expectations are everything in the event business,” Dusky shared. “When we are the ones setting them, it’s important to remember that they are within our control.”

One big tip: Having multiple backup plans, not just one.

“COVID-19 has meant abrupt, sudden shifts and repeated changes, and nearly every time we thought we were ‘out of the woods,’ yet another setback hit. Plans B, C, D and E are always going to be as detailed as Plan A. If there’s any chance the client is going to need something else to fall back on for their event, planners need to be prepared to pivot quickly and easily.”

Another important note? “You want your alternative routes to look as appealing and exciting as the main road," she added.

Dive into the full BizBash piece here.


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